Greeting, Welcome to the undefined, of the Jun.Red™.
Salve! 欢迎来到 晙红™ 旗下的 undefined

<<< Hong is Red, Red is Hong
[TRACE ] He is a framework, cloud, and system program designer. | 云、架构、数据和全栈工程师。
[ INFO ] undefined is the cyber token of JH.W (Harold), which is his Cyber-Style profile site.
[ INFO ] undefined 即 JH.W (Harold), 这是他的 Cyber 风格主页.

Contact(联系): JH.W | Email:,

root@junred:~# | Harold | Eminecus

<<< WTF is Jun Red ?
>>> undefined has many tokens (IDs, Websites), Jun.Red™ is the root site and root namespace.
>>> Jun is his Chinese token, Harold is his English token, Eminecus is his Latin token.
>>> His other tokens, click this->Tokens.

root@junred:~# DragonKing

Dragon King

[ INFO ] Dragon King is his Dragon-Style profile site.
[ INFO ] 爖元 是他的 Dragon 风格主页。
[TRACE ] $AffiliatedTokens => [ God God, Dragon Prime, Dragon AX ]
[NOTICE] TechnicalBlog := Red Nest

root@junred:~# ls-Skills

[ BASE ] C/C++/ASM: 90%  ;  Java/JS: 80%  ;  Go/PHP: 70%  ;  Python: 60%  ; 
[ BACK ] C/C++^.*; Springs/Hadoop^.*; Gin/PHP^.*; TensorFlow/Torch; STM32/x86;
[ FRON ] HTML/CSS; Bootstrap; JQuery; React; Vue; Angular;
[ SUPE ] Cloud; Big Data; Data Warehouse; Cluster; Micro-Service; etc.
[MAGIC ] Basic PCB Design; PhotoShop; Premiere; Au; GoldWave; etc.